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It is not known if he knew the network.
Enrique Prado was initially rejected for CIA service due to his family's connections, which, of course, included Alberto San Pedro.For a time he was considered a candidate for bishop.This time lawyers Adele van der Plas and looking for alaska sex fanfic husband Pieter Bakker Schut sue Demmink on behalf of their client, the Kurd Huseyin Baybasin, locked up in a Dutch jail on drug trafficking charges.For example, MPS DID is created by introducing small children to a cat who is supposed to grow in them and become a panther.Two of the.S.s own intelligence agencies, the CIA and the DIA, estimate that the Taliban receives about 70 million a year from the drugs trade.So, if that is true, it is very, very disturbing indeed." 47 This statement reminds us of the whole drug trafficking business surrounding Russian GRU firm Far West, which, since 1998 had a secret and strategic partnership with Dick Cheney's KBR Halliburton and controversial Saudis.
What relationship Prado's CCG has with the CIA is not known.
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Looking online to the origin of the file, it was leaked to Scribd in mid-2012 by a nutball and hopelessly religious anti-Assad spammer, a typical intelligence asset.
Did these two persons really blackmail the Dutch state with knowledge of Joris Demmink's escapades?
Het Openbaar Ministerie wil niet reageren op de beschuldigingen van Derksen, omdat de zaak opnieuw bij de Hoge Raad ligt.148 November 8, 2012, Boublog, 'Een wonderlijke link naar het Rolodex onderzoek Jan Born"d in a Nov.McCloy (Pilgrims Society; Rockefeller guy; chair CFR; released the most important nazis; Warren Commission McGeorge Bundy (Skull Bones; Army Intelligence; chair Ford Foundation general Walter Bedell Smith (Pilgrims; Chief of Staff of shaef; CIA director and general Eisenhower became other close associates and friends.The meat factory occupied up to half of one end of the street.A decade ago, Prado's fried Robert Nieves appeared on PBS's Frontline to deny accusations that under his watch the DEA had allowed the CIA to smuggle cocaine into the United States in order to fund its contra efforts.Nevertheless, one witness statement prepared for the tribunal, from a man who helped to set up the meeting with Customs, talks of the UK becoming a "sanctuary" for the gang's leaders.Gregg was involved in several other NGOs: the CFR, the Council of American Ambassadors, the United States Asia Pacific Council and the Pacific Century Institute (chair).Demmink visited Turkey numerous times between 19 using a variety of aliases on official and private visits.Postma en de OR-adviseur waarschuwden de BVD dat het gedrag van Demmink hier aanleiding toe zou kunnen geven.Demmink was not one of them.

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" 281 As the above oversight demonstrates, Prince Bernhard, his mother, the Schimmelpennincks, the (intermarried) von Meisters, and Princess Armgard all have long-standing ties to the old IG Farben complex.
He said, Look, we cant accept this as evidence, because it has to stand in a court of law.