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It looks elegant and very sturdy.First day wearing the holy trainer and I said to my self baby Geschlecht Vorhersage wiki holy shit what have I got my self into!Waco USA I've been in the Holy Trainer 2 for six days and it is suche putzfrau aschaffenburg comfortable and discreet for long term wear.Never needed the 45 mm ring, expensive mistake.Ist auch nter engen Jeans gut zu tragen.In other words I was unable to use the CB devices 24/7.He said it's so comfortable that during the day forgets that it's.So I think this is the last one I am going to buy.We went straight upstairs to the bedroom.I will give the key to my gf, can't wait!Obviously the pink Holy Trainer Chuck is Pink - so it matches lots of panties and makeup!
I have gone through several different devices including the CBX line.
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She'll decide how long I'll be teased and denied this time, as it should be, and that is amazingly sexy.The Holytrainer is very comfortable to wear long term.I have been locked in many devices before however none as comfortable as the Holy Trainer.Quant moi je matrise totalement son plaisir en le librant trs pisodiquement.I was expecting 4 business days but it took about.Man merkt nach einer gewissen Zeit schon gar nicht mehr dass einen Keuschheitskfig zwischen den Beinen trgt.

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Thank you for doing a great job and making it available.