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Multi-protein building blocks reduce the number of steps that are needed for self-assembly of adhesion sites and therefore can make this process less prone to errors, thereby also faster.Obviously, not dating Website für Menschen mit geistiger Behinderung, Belgien all copies of the competing endogenous proteins will be available for sequestering the ectopically expressed A and B proteins, as they will be also occupied by other interactions.(As a side comment: To the best of our knowledge and search, reported information about the absolute endogenous concentrations of each of the measured proteins in fibroblasts is very limited.Furthermore, it is concerning that the components are expressed pairwise, probably in excess.A lot of speculation then ensues about why this mode of assembly is good, for example rapid and robust responses.This considerably reduces the sensitivity of the AB complex concentration to a given elevation in total A and B concentrations.Nevertheless, one wonders whether much has been gained conceptually by this work.The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.This is a significant flaw in the approach that I feel compromises the interpretation.I think to perform this experiment properly would require doing analysis at different time points after the addition of different concentrations of drug, finding the interesting candidates, and comparing this to what happens to these candidates in normal adhesions as they are disassembling by endogenously.You cannot overwrite this file.
We agree with the reviewer that our finding that inhibition of actomyosin contractility increases physical associations between integrin adhesome components in the cytosol can be accounted for by different scenarios, as explained in the comment and indeed also in the manuscript.
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Therefore, we expect that the complexes we detected exist in the cytosol of cells regardless of the ectopic expression.
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Reviewer 1: This work investigates the components of the adhesome in 91 pairwise combinations using fccs, flim and frap, finding 15 that were significant in several cell lines.
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